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Most popular silk fabric for silk painting and crafting

what types of silk are used to create silk scarves and paintings?

 If you are also looking for suggestions to buy silk fabric for painting or crafting, this post will give you some ideas. 

There are many types of silk fabric that can be used for silk paintings. I am only producing the 2 most polular types used worldwide by silk crafters and artists. They are Ponge 5 and Habotai 8, both are light weighted silk fabric.

Habotai 8 (left)      |      Pongee 5(right )

Ponge 5 silk

Pongee 5 is very popular for silk scarf craft, it has excellent drape. It is thin and very easy to make hand-dye/tie-dye silk craft scarves.

Because of the transparency, colours appear much lighter for silk art projects, sometimes double coating the colour can help to bring up a stronger value, but I still prefer to do silk painting on Habotai 8

Hand-dyed silk scarves. On the top (Light pink): Pongee 5 | On the bottom (Peach pink)   Habotai 8  

Hand-dyed Pongee 5 silk scarves.   

Habotai 8 silk

Habotai 8 is a better choice for silk painting. It is more substantial than Pongee 5, but as good for hand-dye/tie-dyes. Colours appear darker and support the design better by allowing more gradian showing on the painting.

Hand-painted silk scarf : Habotai 8 (Scotland on silk art project)

Both fabrics have good drapes and can make stunning silk scarves. with some simple guidance, you can make your own hand-painted silk scarf to add to your wardrobe or give as a gift.

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