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Art is a Right, Not a Concept: Discover Your Creative Potential

Artistic Talent and the Beginner's Mindset

For many years in the art world, I’ve often heard admiration and praise for my career and work, with people believing it to be a gift of talent. However, when I invite them to try it themselves, they usually hesitate, thinking they lack any artistic ability and fear embarrassment. Common responses include: “I can’t even draw a straight line. My grandson draws better than me,” or “My son tried to teach me to draw cartoons, but I still couldn’t learn.”

Initially, I would explain that drawing is not a matter of talent but a skill acquired through practice. However, this explanation didn’t yield much success. So, I changed my approach, suggesting they join a beginner’s silk painting class. I would tell them, “After taking the beginner’s silk painting class, you can no longer say you can’t draw.” As a result, many people successfully broke the misconception that they lack artistic talent.

Bridging Art and Life

The purpose of the beginner’s silk painting workshop is to bring art closer to everyday life, returning the joy and satisfaction of creation to ordinary people. Through these workshops, many have broken their self-imposed limitations, creating pieces they are proud of. What I truly care about is whether people can take that small step out of their comfort zones.

The Value of Art in Life

Although I have studied painting, I don’t claim to understand all the meanings of art. Even so, this doesn’t stop me from enriching my life with art, healing from personal traumas, starting anew in a foreign country, rediscovering myself, and creating value. Much like how we may not understand how images are transmitted over the internet but can still watch YouTube on our phones, art is accessible to everyone.

Artistic creation is not solely for artists but for everyone, regardless of age, profession, or education. Its value lies in liberating creativity throughout the entire process, from conception to expression. Just as dining satisfies hunger, artistic creation fulfills the need for expression. Art is not exclusive to artists; it is for anyone who longs to express their feelings through creation.

This concept is supported by numerous examples and proofs. One notable example is the community art project “The Big Draw,” which is the world’s largest drawing festival. It encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in drawing activities, demonstrating that art is accessible to everyone. The festival’s success highlights how artistic creation can be a communal and inclusive activity, breaking down the barriers that often separate professional artists from the general public.

Another example is the therapeutic use of art in healthcare settings. Art therapy has been shown to benefit patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, by providing a non-verbal outlet for expression and healing. Studies have found that engaging in artistic activities can reduce stress, improve mental health, and enhance overall well-being. This therapeutic application of art underscores the idea that artistic creation is a valuable tool for personal expression and emotional release, accessible to everyone regardless of their artistic skill or background.

The educational sector also provides evidence supporting this concept. Many schools incorporate art into their curriculum, not just as a subject for future artists but as a vital part of a well-rounded education. These programmes often emphasise the importance of creativity, critical thinking, and personal expression, skills that are valuable in any profession or walk of life.

Creativity is not about talent; it is a right we are born with. In the Western classic, the Bible, God asked Adam to name all creatures, bestowing not just names but meanings and identities. This reflects humanity’s active role and participation in creating the world, and engaging in artistic activities is one way we become creators.


Art is a right, not a concept. Through the beginner’s silk painting workshop, you can reclaim your creative potential and transform your life. By taking that small step to explore your artistic side, you’ll not only discover hidden talents but also boost your confidence and expand your personal boundaries. Join us and experience the joy and satisfaction that art can bring to your life.