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Confessions of a Roaming Artist

It’s the dreams about the sky that make wings yearn to fly.

Oil Painting

Unveiling the source of my strength

Embarking on a journey to master the art of oil painting has been a lifelong dream. Within this collection of oil paintings, you’ll find more than just images; they hold profound messages that have been a wellspring of motivation and courage throughout my journey. Each stroke on these canvases is a testament to perseverance, painted during pivotal moments of my life when challenges seemed insurmountable. These artworks are a visual narrative of resilience, created during the times when my strength wavered but my determination remained unwavering.

Mius Oil Painting Gallery


Silk Painting

Embracing a world of diversity through my artistic journey

“I create silk art inspired by the diverse cultural experiences that have shaped my views. Through the paintings, I aim to share these experiences and promote understanding across cultures and boundaries. I believe that paintings are messages written in colors.” – Miu Shu

Art Project - The Silk Tales of Scotland

Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of cultures with the enchanting “Scotland on Silk” silk painting project. This visionary initiative is the brainchild of Chinese artist Miu Shu, now rooted in the heart of Scotland.

The project’s essence lies in the harmonious convergence of Scotland and China’s cultural legacies. It stands as a testament to the magnificence and diversity that both cultures offer.

Every brushstroke dances on a canvas of a 45cm by 45cm silk scarf, employing the artistry of professional-grade silk dye. Miu Shu’s mastery of Chinese brush strokes orchestrates a visual symphony that creates a dynamic interplay of colors, bestowing each piece with an unmatched essence of fluidity.

Since 2018, Miu Shu has adorned over 100 silk canvases with the grandeur of Scottish landmarks. Her ambition is clear: to weave an artistic tapestry that transcends geographical confines, forging connections among people from all walks of life. In a world growing increasingly diverse, the celebration of our differences is pivotal. Miu Shu’s project is a beacon illuminating the path to deeper connections and profound understanding.

Step into the world of “Scotland on Silk,” where art bridges cultures and hearts across borders.

Commissions undertaken


Create a unique silk painting with the artist, and share your Scotland memories with the world. 


Limited Edition & Artist's Signature


Experience art in a new way with our 100% silk art scarf. Use it as a wall decoration or wear it as a fashionable scarf.

mius Original hand-Painted Silk Scarves

Gift For Her

Hand-Painted Peony Silk Scarf

In Chinese culture, peonies symbolize wealth and empowered women since the Tang Dynasty. Gifts featuring these symbols portray the beauty, elegance, confidence, and independence of women’s temperaments.

Hand-Painted Magnolia Silk Scarf

The white magnolia flower symbolizes purity, innocence, and virtue, as well as new beginnings. To enhance the meaning of this beautiful flower, the scarf was designed with a traditional Chinese fine-art style that embraces the elegance of the white magnolias. 

Hand-Painted Astrology Zodiac Silk Scarf

Cancers are warm, supportive, and thoughtful, this hand-painted silk scarf is a meaningful birthday gift for someone born under the Cancer star sign. Designed with astrology in mind, the scarf features intricate patterns and colors that symbolize the emotional richness and depth of the Cancer personality. 


Original Design

100% Silk

International Shippping

Silk Painting Workshop: Sharing My Journey Through Art

Miu Art Studio has designed a fantastic beginner’s silk-painting workshop kit that is perfect for adults and children aged 8 and above. Whether you’re looking for small-group creative activities or organizing a birthday party, this kit has received 100% positive reviews for its ease of use and excellent results. The premade step-by-step video included in the kit makes the creative process even more comfortable, and the original design and handmade elements add a unique touch. This is, without a doubt, the easiest workshop on earth and is suitable for those who have never painted before. Additionally, it’s an excellent tool for art therapy activities as it provides a calm and peaceful environment that fosters creativity and helps reduce anxiety. Book a slot today! 

Client Testimonials

“I bought this scarf as a 4th anniversary (silk) present for my wife. The scarf is beautiful and really well made. The material is so fine the whole scarf folded down into an envelope! Mandy was kind enough to ensure the order arrived in time for our anniversary and even offered to paint my wife's name into the pattern. Very, very pleased with this one!”
Ben Curry
"The scarf is a stunning piece of work. As a silk painter myself, I just so appreciate Miu's skill and artistry. I'm thrilled beyond words to own and wear this beautiful piece. And I get compliments everywhere I go. The scarf was dispatched ontime and arrived in a timely manner. And it encluded care instructions as well. Thank you Etsy. Joy Brown Canada"
Joy Brown
"Simply stunning. I gave this to my wife for our 12th anniversary and she loved it. Would highly recommend. Communication from seller and delivery were excellent. Thank you."

Simon Probyn

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