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Miu Shu


A Balancing Act  – My name is Miu Shu (舒渺), but many know me as Mandy Shu. I’m a Chinese artist living in Scotland and a proud single mother. Every day, I’m in pursuit of a harmonious balance between providing for my family, nurturing my son, and my own personal growth. My life is guided by dreams, and I’m driven to be a role model for my son, although my 9-year-old boy bantered, “Every day is a school day, Mum!” I staunchly believe that actions speak louder than words. From a young age, I’ve always resisted being lectured. Confucius once said, “Do not impose on others what you do not desire for yourself.” Similarly, I sense my son might not appreciate my nagging either.

The Odyssey of Learning: My International Studies – I was once an international student, studying in places like Australia, Canada, and France, diving into diverse areas such as oil painting, information systems, and the French language. Although I’ve learned a lot from these institutions, I never pursued degrees or certifications, firmly believing that I don’t need a piece of paper to prove my capabilities. I’ve always been inspired by the phrase, “I will either find a way or make one” (Hannibal) Now, I wrote a new motto for my Studio: “It’s the dreams about the sky that make wings yearn to fly.”

Bridging Cultures: East Meets West – These overseas studies have allowed me to deeply experience the blend of Eastern and Western cultures. At times, the Bible and Confucian Analects complement each other beautifully. I’ve come to realize that what’s often labeled as “cultural differences” might just be on the surface, but these superficial differences could lead to profound misunderstandings. I hope that by sharing my experiences, more people will understand that the values of the East and West have much in common.

Miu Art Studio: A Vision in ColorIn 2014, I moved to Scotland and established the Miu Art Studio in 2017. My goal is to promote cultural exchange and diversity through art. I’m passionate about art, believing that the flow of colors can bridge language barriers, forging genuine connections. Every piece I create embodies the lessons life has taught me. In challenging times, I often draw strength from them. When we truly believe in the meaningfulness of our actions, perseverance becomes a thing of beauty, and the outcome becomes less consequential. Now, I’ve finally built my own website and plan to set aside time to share the stories behind each artwork.

Invitation to Connect – I am convinced that every individual we meet, and every cultural exchange we experience, opens a new world to us, offering endless insights and inspiration. Each painting and story presented by the Miu Art Studio is a gift to the readers of this piece. I invite you all to share your stories with me, and together, let’s explore this vibrant and colorful world.

"It's the dreams about the sky make wings yearn to fly!"

– Miu Art Studio –

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