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Silk Tales – Alford’s Blue Police Box

The box transcends its physicality to serve as a metaphor, most notably as the TARDIS in ‘Doctor Who,’ urging viewers to embrace the enigmatic and to ponder the fluid tapestry of time and existence.

Silk Painting: Capturing Alford’s Blue Police Box in Chinese Freehand Style

This luminous silk painting, entitled “The Blue Police Box,” captures the essence of a serene yet paradoxically vibrant summer afternoon in Alford. Employing a Chinese freehand style, I relish the uninhibited flow and fusion of colors. My canvas is a 45-centimeter stretch of pure silk.

The blue police box, bold and stark, dominates the foreground, casting a short yet impactful shadow that whispers of midday reflections. The box transcends its physicality to serve as a metaphor, most notably as the TARDIS in “Doctor Who,” urging viewers to embrace the enigmatic and to ponder the fluid tapestry of time and existence.

Devoid of human life, the painting features solitary two seagulls soaring toward an unseen horizon, beyond which a path disappears from view. A lush bed of verdant foliage forms the middle ground, contrasting vibrantly with the tranquil ambiance of the afternoon. Bursts of orange tones amid this green landscape hint at underlying changes, harmonizing with the enigmatic purple canopies in the distance to imbue the scene with emotional depth and spirited liveliness.

By intentionally using the police box to obstruct the viewer’s sightline along the path, the painting subtly invites one into a prospective journey, represented by the departing seagulls. In essence, this captivating work of art is my contemplation on the intricate relationships between society and nature, as well as order and the inherent chaos of life.

Silk Reveries: Guardian of Time and Tradition

This unique blue police call box is situated in the front yard of the Alford Grampian Transport Museum, silently witnessing the passage of time and societal changes. It seems to be recording the history and future aspirations of Alford, a charming and bustling small town in Scotland that perfectly blends rich history with modern civilization.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Alford was known for its meal and woolen mills, and the Grampian Transport Museum itself stands on what was once a bustling marketplace, bringing back echoes of the town’s industrious past. The blue police box, in its own right, pays homage to a different kind of history, one that is embedded in popular culture and the collective imagination of the science fiction community.


Unlike Rhynie where I was living, with only 200 households, Alford, just a 30-minute drive away, offers more outing choices and cultural experiences for me and my son. The town has a diverse range of community facilities, including the historic Arms Inn, the popular Grampian Transport Museum, and several jewelry shops, art studios, and steak houses. Surprisingly, there’s even a Chinese restaurant here. The local indoor children’s playground is not just popular among local parents and children but also attracts families from nearby villages. Therefore, many parents are willing to drive long distances just to let their children have fun here.

Alford also has my favorite charity thrift store, filled with all sorts of toys, clothing, and books that children need. Each visit is a delightful discovery. These thrift stores have not only saved me money but also provided an opportunity to educate my child on environmental conservation and sustainable consumption.

On that fateful sunny afternoon when I first captured this police box on my camera, it served as a time-traveling capsule for me, much like it does in the lore of “Doctor Who.” The box stands as a juncture between Alford’s rich past and its complex present, a symbol that encourages me to reflect on my own past and future. Each time I see it, I ponder time, history, and our place and purpose in the world.

Therefore, this silk painting is not just a vivid depiction of life in Alford but a complex and profound reflection of my personal life experiences and emotional world. It combines various elements to offer a multi-dimensional artistic experience, allowing viewers to deeply reflect while appreciating the art, and to gain more insights into life.

Embark on this journey with us, where the canvas of time is painted with landscapes, legends, and the lilting chimes of history, crafting tales worth toasting. 

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