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Hand-painted Peony Chinese traditional style – Made to Order


Hand-Painted Silk Scarf
Width: 35cm Length: 180cm
Material: 100% Silk
Hand roll edges size may vary

Designed and Painted in Miu Art Studio – Scotland

by Miu Shu

Customizable Gift Options Avalible

Kind reminder: Items made to order will take up to 3 weeks to make and deliver.

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Blooming Peony – Celebrating Grace, Prosperity, and Independence

These elegant peony silk scarves are gifts designed for the exclusive ladies in this world: mothers, aunties, best friends, elder sisters, teachers, female bosses, and wives. Because they are like peonies, beautiful, elegant, strong, independent, and reliable, and their smiles light up the darkness.

The Design and History

In Chinese culture, peonies also symbolize wealth and empowered women since the Tang dynasty (618-907). Because it was Wu Zetian’s (the ONLY female sovereign in Chinese history) favourite flower she had them in the palace and peony patterns embroidered on her robes and painted on decorations. It has become the most popular flower for many Chinese artists.

I adopted the classic Chinese classic peony art form and painted them on a silk scarf, I hope the meaningful peony silk scarf will spread wonderful frequency to those who may receive them, and bring a smile to her face.

The scarf is hand painted with professional silk dyes on pure silk. It has been steamed with water from the River Deveron, which runs alongside my town – Huntly, a beautiful little town surrounded by fields and mountains in Scotland.

p.s. peony flower symbolizes happiness, romance, honour, bashfulness, happy marriage, honour, good fortune, prosperity, wealth, grace, and luxury.

This item is not eligible for return, please read the Return Policy before purchase. Come in hand-sewn gift package.


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