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Beginner’s Silk Painting Workshop Kit No.3 – Artist-Recommended Colours Arist-Grade Dyes -HDupont Sample Size


Elevate your silk painting with our Silk Painting Kit No. 3! Featuring 12 bottles of HDupont artist-grade dyes, a palette, and brushes, this kit provides high-purity, professional-grade materials for stunning creations. Ideal for beginnersUsing Silk Painting Kit – 3, this kit includes comprehensive tutorials, live sessions, and community support as part of our “Master Silk Painting with Three Kits” project. Perfect for hobbies, gifts, parties, and art therapy. Join our artistic community and complete your silk painting journey today!

Silk Painting Kit No. 3

As a professional-grade materials sample bag, this kit includes 12 artist-recommended colours, featuring France’s HDupont artist-grade silk painting dyes. Experience professional-grade, high-purity colour brightness in advance, creating stunning silk painting works. This kit includes 12 bottles of 5ml concentrated professional-grade dyes, along with a palette and brushes to elevate your artistic creations, starting with professional-grade silk painting dyes.

This kit can be used in conjunction with Kit No. 2, or you can purchase a set of silk greeting cards with pre-drawn outlines ready for colouring to create exquisite silk greeting cards.

Comprehensive Learning and Support

As part of the “Master Silk Painting with Three Kits” project, this kit is the final step to mastering silk painting. Our project includes a specially designed silk painting materials package, free video tutorials, online live sessions, and FB community support, making the learning process enjoyable and easy.

Complete Your Learning Journey

We recommend three special kits, each with a specific purpose:

Kit No. 1: Detailed tutorials and preparation techniques (purchase link).
Kit No. 2: Mastering the art of gutta lines and creating silk painting cards (purchase link).
Kit No. 3: The kit you are currently viewing.
Join Our Artistic Community

Our silk painting kits are ideal for personal hobbies, unique gifts, lively parties, engaging activities, therapeutic art sessions, and overall well-being. With all three kits, you will have the skills and materials to create stunning silk painting works and join a community of artists realizing their creative potential.

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Explore the detailed tutorials of Kit No. 1 and the gutta lines and silk painting card creation of Kit No. 2 to complete your silk painting journey.

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